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Yaduraj Tomar
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I Want to design AC Voltage sensor for Inverter so what components are needed can you explain about it?

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Design and simulation of ac voltage sensor for three phase Inverter

  1. Hey bro, I’m not able to ask question here can you please ask for me. Its urgent


    Does anyone have idea how Mr beast team created pop up device that is pop when a someone eliminated for their Squid Game video?



    Hello, we are hosting Squid Game event at our campus(LPU). For making it more interesting we need a device that pops when someone got eliminated. Of you ever watched Mr beast squid game video. There he used a device. Does someone suggest how we can make something like that, I don’t have idea about PCB and IOT but our team has. So, someone please mention it how we can make. And if someone have better under low cost it would really helpful if you suggest.


    Thank you

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