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Gerber Viewer

The Gerber viewer overlays the various layers of the PCB, allowing you to evaluate the overall aesthetic of your PCB design and ensuring a visually attractive finished product.

Flat Coil Calculator

Air Core Flat Spiral Inductance calculator, allows you to determine value of inductance of the coil based on, number of turns, inner diameter and outer diameter.

Air Coil Calculator

Calculate the inductance of an air core inductor coil. Input the diameter, length, and number of turns of the coil to obtain the desired result.

Microstrip Cross Talk

This online electrical calculator helps you determine the microstrip crosstalk on PCB based on the trace spacing and substrate height.

Stripline Impedance

The impedance of the stripline can determined using this calculator by entering substrate Dielectric, trace height, trace thickness, trace width

Stripline Differential

To calculate the Stripline differential impedance input the characteristic impedance, space between traces, and trace height.

Microstrip Impedance

Calculate the impedance, capacitance, propagation delay, and inductance of a Microstrip Line PCB using this online calculator.

Microstrip Differential

Calculate the differential impedance, capacitance, propagation delay, and inductance of a Microstrip Line PCB

Coil Properties

calculate the physical properties of the coil like resistance, total wire length, number of windings, coil diameter, power rating

Helical Antenna

Calculate Antenna Gain, Impedance, Diameter, Space between coils, Length of wire, Half Power Beam Width, Beam Width First Nulls, and Aperture.

Ground Strap Inductance

Calculate the value of inductance for the grounding strap, by using the input length, width and thickness of the strap.

Nichrome Calculator

Nichrome wire calculator, allows you to effortlessly determine the resistance, power, current, and voltage of your Nichrome coil.

Series Resistance

calculate the series resistance, just by giving the number of resistors in series with their respective resistance values, and this calculator will provide you with the total resistance.

Series Inductance

Input the number of inductors and their respective inductance values, and the calculator will provide you with the total inductance

Energy & τ

Use this Calculator to find the energy stored in a capacitor (E) and the time constant (RC) based on the voltage across the capacitor