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DRC error

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I am a beginner with regards to electronic circuits and PCB design. I watched all the tutorials on the PCB Cupid YouTube channel and tried out this simple LED circuit attached below. I’ve done all I know possible, from initializing the copper zone fill, to re-routing the tracks, but I keep getting these errors (board has malfunctioned and track has unconnected end). Can anyone help please? I can’t tell what I am doing wrong now. Please I’d appreciate any prompt response. Thanks.


P.S: Images are attached below
PCB CUPID - 2023 12 15 5 1 -PCB CUPID - 2023 12 15 6 1 -PCB CUPID - 2023 12 15 10 -

  1. There are a few things you need to do:

    1. Add edge-cut to your design (on the edge-cut layer); probably you have done the edge-cu on the front copper layer.
    2. You can’t let the tracks hang without any connection; either make a footprint for the edge connector or use a male or female header.
  2. This worked, Srinivasan M. I didn’t put in all the footprints apparently. Thank you!

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