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how to draw ellipse edge layout in kicad

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Hey, community, I am working on PCB, and want an edge-cut layout of an ellipse but our sidebar in the PCB editor doesn’t have an option for an ellipse shape, how can I create an ellipse shape in Kicad 7 with proper dimensions?

  1. There is no default way to create an ellipse in KiCad, but there are some work around.

    1. Create a DFX file of the shape using external CAD (FreeCAD) or Vector Program (Inkscape) and import the board layout
    2. If you are okay with little compromisation, you can just draw 2 semi circle and draw lines to connect them. Technically it won’t be a proper ellipse (because it’s a “slot”) but it should be close enough.
    • Hey Thanks , I used Fusion 360 to build it , I have one more doubt as we go for smaller size pcbs with alots of components , components boundaries get overallaped also routing becomes too difficult to do , given the size constraint we have for our project along with all necessary controlling elements how to tackle that ,I used smd version as well still a compact size creates alot of headace while placing components on edge cuts and also there routing used vias , but my pcb is 2 layer so its become difficult , do you have any solution for that????

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