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Circuit System (India) Limited A.K.A PCB Power Market

Circuit System (India) Limited A.K.A PCB Power Market

Having a reliable manufacturer who delivers quality PCB fabrication and assembly makes your job much easier, faster and efficient. To have a better understanding about the PCB manufacturers available around you, we are reviewing another PCB Fabrication Plant PCB Power Market.

About the Manufacturer:

PCB CUPID - image 60 jpeg - power

Envisioned in 1996 by an Indian diaspora, PCB Power Market has almost 25+ years of standing and serving in the market. They started in 1997 as Circuit Systems India Ltd (CSIL). They claim to be the flag bearer of PCB Manufacturing in India at a time when not much was known about them and the demand base was just beginning to explode. In 2008 they started an EComm platform with PCB price calculator for the first time in India called PCB Power. 

Over the years they have evolved into a comprehensive marketplace for electronic components providing services in production and assembly. Located majorly in Gujarat they also have their presence in California. 

Key Highlights:

PCB Power Market is most suited for small and medium volume prototypes who do not order in bulk. There are many key highlights that the platform ensures to deliver:

PCB CUPID - image 11 - power
  • No Constraints on Minimum Order: One can order as low as just one PCB fabrication or assembly using PCB Power Market. 
  • Instant Quote and Price Calculator: Using their platform, mentioning the order details you can directly know the cost that will be incurred in the process without any ambiguity. 
  • Free Delivery and No Setup Charges: Not only you can order just one PCB, it will be delivered to you in India without any additional charges, thus making the deal very cost effective.
  • Products in Stock: They provide a range of base material in stock to choose from. Further, they are not just manufacturers but also provide products to market like enclosures and soldering solutions
  • Sponsorship Program: For the customers (students and universities) to get incentivised for their own orders, PCB Power offers sponsorships to such customers.

Array of Customers:

PCB Power has delivered quality products to more than 250+ cities, served 5000+ customer base and catered to more than 15 industries. 

PCB CUPID - image 12 - power

The array of customers they have served include both high demand industries like railways, medical, defence, etc. and individual low demands coming from hobbyists, researchers, engineers, etc. Further, they have served big players in the field like ISRO, L&T, Botch, Emerson, Tata and Tech Mahindra to name a few.

Capabilities Compass:

PCB CUPID - image 13 - power

Their capabilities compass includes:

PCB Layout:

While almost all manufacturers provide fabrication services, PCB Power goes a step before that and also provides services at the very foundation for companies who don’t want to design the PCB inhouse and outsource the PCB design. They deliver necessary data such as Gerber data, stencil data , assembly data, customized output files among other things that are necessary.

PCB Fabrication:

Both rigid and flexible PCB fabrication services are available on their platform. The flex PCB services have been introduced recently in 2021 itself. They vow to deliver circuit boards in line with the design provided by you, meticulously worked on by a team of dedicated and skilled experts. Both single layered and panel PCB fabrication options are available.

PCB Stencil:

Through their stencil capabilities, the manufacturer claims to deliver transparency, precision, efficiency, optimize lead time and production cost. Various stencil specifications offered by them are:

PCB CUPID - image 14 - power
Instant Quote Window for PCB Stencil

PCB Assembly:

Three variations of adaptive approach turnkey, consigned and partially-consigned sourcing along with standardized systems BGA, QFP and 0402 01005 are available. 

Various specifications that the manufacturer has are:

PCB CUPID - image 15 - power
Instant Quote Window for PCB Assembly


Quality assurance testing is carried out for both the PCB fabrication and the PCB assembly. Electrical testing or flying probe testing and final quality check are carried out post fabrication process. Similarly, after assembly, automated optical inspection, X-ray inspection and visual examination processes are done. These tests might be charged additional with some manufacturers but in this case, included with the fabrication service by default.

Electronic Component Sourcing:

Their proprietary network of distributors range from across the globe who excel in both functionality and featured electronic component sourcing. In case of component sourcing too there is no restriction on minimum order. 


Apart from fabrication and assembly services, PCB Power also has a range of products available on their platform to directly make purchases. These are:

  • Enclosures: Aesthetic, customizable, high quality and distinctive enclosures are provided by them. Such as, Railbox, Thermo, embedded box, Modulbox, iTouch, etc. To know more about these enclosures you can check here
  • Soldering Solution: A range of different soldering options and equipment that comply with global standards are available to choose from.

PCB Power’s Sponsorship Program for You:

To fuel the young minds and hold their hands in the journey of electronic innovation, PCB Power provides a sponsorship program for young and budding innovators who lack resources to begin with. Their aim is to provide access to state-of-the-art equipment & technology, alongside invaluable mentoring, without making you worry about the economic resources for procuring these. 

Who can avail this sponsorship?

PCB CUPID - image 61 - power
  • Students or designated researchers in recognized academic institutes. 
  • People who have well-defined project ideas or problem statements and are in need of some equipment and assistance.
  • People with projects that will deliver demonstrable outcomes in a competitive setting or directly for your academic progress.

Important Note: It is to be noted here that whoever wishes to avail their sponsorship is willing to share the details of the project as it progresses and agree to use PCB Power Market brand elements in clearly defined terms. They will not transfer technology or any intellectual property rights in the process

How to Place an Order?

After registering to their platform, you can directly click on the instant quote option, select the services and provide specifications of the order you want to place.

PCB CUPID - image 62 - power
Services Available to Choose from

On the right side itself the lead time and total price will be calculated simultaneously so that you can select accordingly. Once the order is placed, you will be prompted to the payment screen, after completing that the order placement will be completed.

In case of any specifications or modifications which aren’t included in the options provided while ordering, you can connect to the team via on screen chat box or through mail, both of which are quite impressive in their response and solving your query.

PCB CUPID - image 63 - power
Dashboard Window

Lead Time and Value for Money: 

PCB CUPID - 1pcb layout - power
PCB Layout Price Calculation
PCB CUPID - 2pcbfabrication - power
PCB Fabrication and Assembly Price Calculation
PCB CUPID - 3pcb fabricationflex - power
PCB Fabrication (Flex) Price Calculation
PCB CUPID - 4pcb stencil - power
PCB Stencil Price Calculation

Amongst the online manufacturers available in India, PCB Power Market has one of the most detailed price comparison and specifications detailed available for the customers to choose from.

Other Important Details:

Payment and Refund:

In case of payment, 100 percent advanced payment has to be made through various mode of transfer available:

  • UPI
  • NEFT
  • RTGS
  • Debit and Credit Cards

For refund, unless the production is started, refund can be initiated and the refund amount will be either credited back to your bank account or stored as escrow for your future orders, whichever you choose. Further, no detailed refund policy is available on the platform and one has to separately contact the manufacturers to know about it as per the need and they claim it varies for case to case basis.

Delivery Services:

Quick and reliable services are offered by them. Various delivery means used are DTDC, Blue Dart, Delhivery, Smartr, etc. Both track inquiry and track quotation are available for the customers to keep an eye on their order being delivered. 

Authenticity and Quality Assurance:

PCB Power Market complies with IPC Class 2 standards. Other certifications for quality assurance include:

  • Their facilities are ISO certified: Comply to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016, 
  • Raw materials are UL certified: ZPMV2.E210623 wiring and printed components,
  • They are also verified by ISRO,

Any firm’s authenticity is aligned with the number of quality certificates it has and the various IPC Standards it complies to. PCB Power Market have clearly maintained their quality through compliance and dedicated servers for more than 25 years to some of the most reputed institutes.

You can check out this video for complete breakdown on the Quality of PCBs provided by PCB Power :


Why You should Use PCB Power Market

  • Long standing in the market and skilled team members has granted the company credibility.
  • Apart from fabrication and assembly, soldering, layout and component sourcing services are also available so it eases the process of PCB manufacturing for beginners.
  • No extra cost for delivery, No custom charge overhead and no limit for minimum order, which makes them very economic to use.
  • Various options available to choose from both in case of fabrication: rigid and flex, single or panelled; and assembly: turnkey, consigned or partially consigned.
  • To calculate PCB Prices, we don’t have to register on their platform.
  • The readiness with which the company responds to your queries and assists you is equally important. PCB Power’s assistance mechanism is well equipped and they respond to any of your queries very promptly making the customer more satisfied and willing to invest in them. 

Why You shouldn’t Use PCB Power Market

  • Detailed information about delivery services, payment and refund policy is not provided on their platform.
  • Might be expensive when we compare to some local manufacturer and imported PCB (Excluding customs and IGST)
  • Reducing the lead time will exponentially increase the price of production.
  • Not suitable if you are going for very large scale manufacturing (well most local fabrication can’t do very large scale fabrication)

While unwrapping a manufacturer there are various areas that we consider, their background, skilled team, services and capabilities available, usefulness and ease for beginners and businesses, ease of order placement process, quality compliance among other things. After viewing both side of the coin you will be able to make more informed decision about placing order.

Note : This article is not sponsored by PCB Power Market, the article is written based on personal experience and information that’s given by few reviewer and PCB Power Market website.

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