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Warnings about connections in ERC

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Thank you very much for your great YT videos – I have followed along and designed a simple PCB without making the circuit “pretty”. I then went back and tried to separate pieces of the circuit like you do in video #4 (or #5?) with each section in a separate box. However when I then run ERC, I get warnings for every connection between connections between boxes. I am sure this is a silly mistake, but how do I fix those warnings? I’ve attached a screenshot of the DRC output and the very simple oscillator schematic. Thank you! -david

  1. Glad the videos are helpful!

    I went through the circuit and noticed R_POT1 , CR1, CR2, TL082 looks like custom symbols. Probably there pin’s electrical types aren’t assigned correctly.

    This is how the electrical pin type should look like, when you try to edit those symbol :

    Either try to change the electrical type or try using default footprint for R_POT1 , CR1, CR2, TL082 that’s within KiCad’s standard library.


  2. Hello SM,

    You are a hero! Thank you. I went to the Symbol Editor and sure enough, several of the leads were left as “unspecified”. Changing them to “passive” removed every single one of the 35 warnings! Thanks again for the support and the YT videos.

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