What is PCB CUPID?

PCB Cupid is a website dedicated to the printed circuit boards (PCB), here you can find articles, tutorials, news, and answers to all your doubts and questions that you face while designing and manufacturing your own PCB.

Why PCB Cupid?

Currently, there are no or few dedicated websites for PCB discussion or PCB-related content. Even if the website exists:

  • They are built around a particular product or PCB design software.
  • Built by PCB manufacturers which may or may not be biased by their production capabilities.
  • In a few websites PCB is just a miscellaneous topic.

On the other hand, PCB Cupid is trying to build an awesome community that is exclusively made for the printed circuit boards and PCB designers [professional / hobbyist] and not influenced by any of the above factors. This site will solely run on PCB-related content [Article, Tutorial, News] and your contribution to the question other professionals and hobbyists have asked in the Q&A section, or even better you can shoot your question based on design, manufacturing, or anything related to PCB. Keep reading this article to learn how to ask a question on this website.

How to ask a Question?

Click this button on the navbar to Ask a Question.

Ask a Question

This section of the website lets you post the queries/ doubts that you face while designing and manufacturing PCBs. It provides you all the necessary tools and features, So make sure to use all of them to their best and ask a clean and precise question.

Note: It also supports Images and Screenshots which might help your questions reach better.

Look at the following example to see how to use the features to ask a question.

To make your question reach better, give a category for your question and add relevant tags.

How to ask a Good Question?

Not everyone can ask a clean and precise question. There are numerous occasions where the question can be irrelevant to the forum/opinion-based or asking Y question to solve an X problem [XY problem].

So, It would be greatly appreciated if you could follow the below guidelines to ask a question.

Summarize Your Problem
  • Include details about your goal and the end result you are expecting?
  • Mention important details that might help you get a better answer.
  • Try to be precise and not go off topic
  • Make sure the question is easy to read
    • Keep it in simple language
    • Highlight necessary words / sentence / error messages
    • Upload relevant Images and screenshot if necessary
Describe what you have tried?
  • Provide what research you have done before asking the question?
    • Did you find a similar answered question but that’s not what you want?
    • Did you find a solution? but looking for a better one?
  • The above point would reduce the hassle and time of the people who are trying to answer your question.
  • Describe what methods/techniques you’ve tried and what you found.
  • If possible mention the reason why you couldn’t solve the issue
Additional points to remember
  • Please avoid asking opinion based question
    • example : Can I learn PCB designing in a month? In this question there are numerous variables that’s personal to you and the outcome is totally dependent on your effort and how you learn. Answers to these questions can sometimes be misleading and not relevant to the website, So it’s better to avoid asking these questions.
  • Mention the PCB design program because sometimes the design problem is specific to that program/software.
  • Mention the PCB manufacturer, the problem can be due to the manufacturer limits.

This website will be completely free of charge and you need not pay anything for using the features of this website. For more info, you can read the terms and privacy policies. Along with the discussion form we’ll be hosting Articles, Tutorials, and News related to the printed circuit boards.

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