PCB Microstrip Crosstalk Calculator

Crosstalk is the coupling of undesired signals between nearby lines, like when a signal “jumps” from one trace to another. A phenomenon that is unintentional and often unwanted, so when designing system that are high speed and the traces/wires are very close, crosstalk must be taken into consideration. These interferences can be significant, leading to digital circuits malfunctioning. To avoid this, it’s ideal to predict how waves will propagate along the line and estimate the amount of crosstalk. The predicted result can be used to determine, in advance, the severity of the interconnection noise in the circuit.

This online electrical calculator helps you determine the microstrip crosstalk on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) based on the trace spacing and substrate height.

Trace Spacing
Substrate Height


\[CTdb= 20 \log_{10} (\frac {1}{1 + (\frac {S}{H})^2})\]

where :

  • CTdb = CrossTalk
  • S = Trace Spacing
  • H = Substrate Height

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