Nichrome Wire Calculator

nichrome wire

Nichrome, an alloy composed of Nickel and Chromium, possesses remarkable resistance to corrosion and boasts a high melting point. These properties make it a preferred choice for various electrical appliances and tools.

There are two types of Nichrome heater wire :

Nichrome A is composed of 80% nickel and 20% chromium NiCr alloy. It has a lower temperature coefficient of resistance in comparison to Nichrome C. Nichrome A can operate at a service temperature up to 1150℃ or 2100°F.

Nichrome C contains 60% nickel, 16% chromium, and the remaining 24% iron NiCr alloy. It has a high coefficient of electric resistance as compared to Nichrome A and can operate at a service temperature up to 1000℃ or 1850°F.

By winding Nichrome into coils with specific electrical resistance, heat can be generated by passing current through it. Simplify your calculations with our online Nichrome wire calculator, which allows you to effortlessly determine the resistance, power, current, and voltage of your Nichrome coil. Just input the length, thickness (between 10 to 40 Gauge), and temperature (between 205 to 1000℃) of the NiCr to attain, and get instant results.

To Calculate
Gauge (dia)


  • RN = (Wire Length (inch) / 12) x RPF
  • Vp = I x RN
  • Power = I x Vp

where :

  • RPF = Resistance per Feet (Ohms)
  • I = Current Required (Amps)
  • Vp = Volts

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