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Drawing rectangular

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Good day Sir/Madam

I have encountered a problem that I can not achieve and require some assistance or explanation if possible. I am unable to create a rectangle as per instructions on:
Lesson #4, How to pettify your schematic with Kicad 7.0 _ #PCBCupid, starting at 5minutes and 10 seconds of the YouTube video.
When I select the rectangular icon and create a box (with blue lines) the inside of the box is slightly faded in pink colour and when I leave the mouse the square disappears and all text is bold.
Your assistance is much appreciated.
  1. I tried to reproduce what you said, but I couldn’t. Can you make sure if you selected the “rectangular tool”  and not the “text area tool”  ? They look quite similar.
    If that didn’t work, please update KiCad to the latest version; it could be a bug, or just try restarting the Kicad application.

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