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Vivek Samani
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Well i have made a circuit in which I need to use an relay with 01×03 screw terminal. I have connected the relay with screw terminal in the schematic but while running PCB editor and arranging components (footprints) I found that the tracks between relay and screw terminals are not connected. Can anyone identify the problem ??



PCB CUPID - Screenshot 236 -PCB CUPID - Screenshot 237 -

  1. Yes, you can directly use the PCB Editor without net classes.

    In the schematic the relay seems like it’s connected to the screw terminal, but the pins might not be aligned correctly to the connection.

    Try any of these steps :
    1. Set Grid size to 50mils and Algin all the elements to Grid
    2. Run DRC and find any errors or warnings related to the relay/terminal
    3. Delete the existing connection and redo

    Once you think the schematic is fixed, Open the PCB Editor and try “Update PCB from Schematic” on the toolbar (Shortcut ‘F8’)

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