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Discover the Best Online PCB Fabrication Services in India

Discover the Best Online PCB Fabrication Services in India

Outsourcing PCB fabrication services is always a time and money saving choice. With the growing demand and use of printed circuit boards all over world and in India there are many PCB manufacturers from whom we can avail fabrication services.

However, most of the manufacturers take order in huge quantities mainly suiting the demands of big firms and industries. As a beginner in PCB industry, we try to look for online PCB manufacturers who provide instant quotation and take orders without the condition of minimum order limits needed to place order. The top online PCB fabrication services providing manufacturers in India will be explored in length in this article.

Some of the top manufacturers providing instant quote and allowing small quantity orders are:

1. PCB Power Market

2. Lion Circuit

3. Robu

4. Vishal International

PCB Power Market

PCB CUPID - image 16 - Online PCB

Considered as the pioneer in bringing international standards of PCB manufacturing to Indian market PCB Power Market was envisaged by an USA based Indian in 1996. They have been in the field for more than 25 years now and are still holding the ground and evolving due to the collective effort of their team.

Services Provided-

  • PCB Layout- By just providing the number of layers, components, lead time, schematic and BOM files PCB layout order can be placed. Very conveniently cost estimation is visible simultaneously.
  • PCB Fabrication (Rigid)- Every detail related to fabrication such as board size, material, surface finish, Tg value, other additional options of solder mask, logo, etc. are provided to choose from to place order. Further fabrication with assembly is also available. Comparison of prices and additional charges laying off depending on order options are also available.
  • PCB Fabrication (Flex)- Everything is similar as fabrication in rigid, however here only fabrication is available without any assembly option.
  • PCB Stencil- Stencil side, frame or frameless, stencil printer, thickness all options are available to choose from.
  • Component Sourcing- It is available for two lead time options, 5-7 working days and 10-14 working days.
  • PCB Assembly- There are three assemble options available, turnkey, combo and consigned.

Products Available:

  • Enclosures: Aesthetic, customizable, high quality and distinctive enclosures are provided by them. Such as, railbox, thermo, embedded box, modulbox, iTouch, iGlass, etc. To know more about these enclosures you can check here.
  • Soldering Solution: A range of different soldering options and equipment that comply with global standards are available to choose from.

Additional PerkPCB Power’s :

To fuel the young minds and hold their hands in the journey of electronic innovation, PCB Power provides a sponsorship program for young and budding innovators who lack resources to begin with. Their aim is to provide access to state-of-the-art equipment & technology, alongside invaluable mentoring, without making you worry about the economic resources for procuring these.

Instant Quote –

To demonstrate the price and lead time comparison between these manufacturers we will show their instant quotes. For PCB Power we will show the results for PCB fabrication for rigid along with assembly. PCB specifications are as follows:

  • PCB Board Size (mm): 50*50
  • PCB Quantity: 10
  • Material: FR4
  • Layer: 1
  • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm
  • Surface Finish: HAL
  • Temperature Gradiant: Std. Tg (130-140 degree)
PCB CUPID - image 15 - Online PCB

Lion Circuits

PCB CUPID - image 17 - Online PCB

An Indian PCB fabrication firm that has shipped more than 3 million sq. cm PCBs in more than 100 countries is an integrated manufacturing platform providing services to all your PCB related needs. They provide real-time pricing quotes. Designs uploaded on the platform are analysed using their algorithms and quotes are generated automatically in real-time.

Further, they have a special feature called InstaDFM which is a self-learning Design-For-Manufacturing (DFM) system. It improves based on previous manufacturing feedback and provides valuable manufacturing insights early in the design cycle.

Services Provided-

  • Fabrication- There are three options available, Mii Services, Custom Services and Rush Services, all three providing different lead times and pricing accordingly. Both rigid and flexible fabrication is available. 
  • Assembly- They support soldering of complex PCBs including bga’s with x-ray inspection. Fully automated assembly from stencil printing, pick and place and reflow for surface mount devices and wave soldering for through hole components are available.
  • Component Souring- Different electronic component distributors like digikey, mouser, element14 and arrow are in collaboration with Lion Circuits. Once you upload the BOM on their platform, all the vendor’s recommendations will be visible to compare and choose from.

Instant Quote Comparison-

Mii minimum number of units is 10, for custom service its 3 and for rush service 1 can be ordered too.

A comparison has been show between the pricing and lead time between them for a PCB with standard specifications:

  • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm
  • PCB Finish: HASL
  • Copper Thickness: 1oz (35um)
  • Mask Colour: Green
  • Auto quote is for 2-4 layered PCB, for 6-12 layered one has to contact the Lion Circuits.
PCB CUPID - image 8 - Online PCB


PCB CUPID - image 18 - Online PCB

Robu is an online platform providing e-commerce services in the field of electronics. Apart from electronic components, their fabrication and assembly Robu services include 3D printing, drone parts supply, laser cutting and lot more. But very recently they have jumped into developing Printed Circuit Boards.

Services Provided-

Their PCB manufacturing services is relatively simple and not categorized into various options; therefore, they are most suited for beginners who do not require too many specifications. The information asked during quoting are: base material, layers, thickness, surface finish and lead time. But beware of the lead time the order sometimes can take up to 30days to reach you.

Products Available-

  • 3D Printing: Both FDM 3D Printing and SLA 3D Printing choices are available to choose from.
  • Laser Cutting- Metal laser cutting and non-metal laser cutting both are available.
  • Custom Li-ion Battery Pack- With warranty and many accessories is available.

Instant Quote –

PCB CUPID - image 14 - Online PCB

Vishal International

PCB CUPID - image 19 - Online PCB

One of the oldest PCB manufacturer and supplier in India, based in Bangalore, Vishal International was established in 1980.

Their product range includes single sided, double sided, multi-layer & metal clad PCB`s. They supply their PCB to an array of industrial segments like Electronic, Electrical, Telecommunications, Defence, Home Appliances, Automobile, Aerospace, Medical Equipment’s, Power Sectors LED lighting and many other fields.

Services Provided-

  • FR-4 PCB Services: Naked proto mostly used by students is both cost effective and quick delivery time. Other options available are single sided PCB, double sided PCB, multi-layer PCB and metal clad PCB.
  • Advanced PCB Services: Blind buried vias, RT duroid, multi-layer RT duroid and control impedance is available. RT duroid are PTFE composites reinforced with glass microfibers that result in exceptional dielectric constant uniformity and these are used in commercial airline broadband antennas, micro strip and strip line circuits, etc.

Instant Quote –

PCB fabrication prices are compared using their instant quote. The minimum unit limit is 5 and for above 100 the buyer has to separately contact the manufacturer.

The PCB specifications are:

  • Material : FR4 Standard Tg 130-140 C
  • Thickness : 1.6mm
  • Finish Cu Thickness: 1 oz (35 Microns)
  • Solder Mask Colour : Green
  • Legend Print Colour: White
  • Surface Finish : HASL (Sn-Pb)
  • Min.Track Width : >0.15mm ( 6 mil )
  • Drill Pad Size : >0.50mm ( 20 mil )
  • Min. Drill Size : >0.30mm ( 12 mil )
PCB CUPID - image 9 - Online PCB


These were some of the top PCB manufacturers most suited for instant quotation in India, easy to order and very optimal lead time and pricing. You can click on the each heading to read more detailed information about each website. We hope this instant quotation will help one to make better choices in choosing the right manufacturer that fits best to their needs, so we really hope all the manufacturers catch up soon! 

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